At earth + urban, we believe in stories that shape and define our world.

Our mission is to tell inspiring stories that drive actual change. Our goal is to spark action for a more resilient and prosperous world.

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Need someone to tackle that brief, blog post or ghost write that article? Need inspiration coming up with a killer CSR report? We consider writing fundamental to all aspects of our work and can help you craft the best pieces.


Making sure your message is clear, branded and recognizable is key to building your unique story. We'll help you stand out and shine above the rest.


Want to think outside the box? Creative and strategic brainstorming is what we live for and we apply that passion to your story so you don't get lost in the crowd.


Media relations continues to play a major role in getting the word out to a broader audience and establishing thought leadership. We come from the space and can amplify your story to targeted audiences.


Leveraging social media to support your story is a staple, but not every platform is right for you and having five accounts isn't always the best move! We know social media and can help you determine the best approach for your brand.


Need a sparkly new website? We've got you covered and will work with you to customize and build a beautiful platform to share your story and engage the world.

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I’m pregnant in the age of climate change — am I crazy?

I read an article in the NYTimes that laid out an argument for why more and more people are choosing not to have children in the face of climate change. […]

There’s no place like home: does shooting for Mars mean giving up on Earth?

Headlines were abuzz this week with the announcement of SpaceX’s Interplanetary Transport System (ITS). Elon Musk’s rather obsessive push for Earthlings to colonize Mars appears to be becoming a reality (much to […]

Why I’m breaking up with sustainability

I’ve been in the so-referred (for those of you not in the biz) sustainability space for roughly 10 years. It’s a term so ingrained into my psyche that it might […]

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A message from our Founder

I founded earth + urban after spending more than a decade in the environmental and sustainability field. Noticing a space was missing in our collective narrative for stories that span policy, profit, and not-for-profit and speak to the urgent, everyday needs of people and planet, I decided to make a place for them. The message is clear: we must urgently work together to ensure the best future for generations to come and we must motivate others to act. I invite you to join earth + urban as we help broadcast these stories of changemakers to the world — and I encourage you to connect with me to learn more.
~ Tara